Leveraging 15 years of experience in the fields of technology, marketing, events and strategic planning, Red Dot Production works hard to bring your corporate experience to life! If you have an idea, marketing campaign or plan, we utilize 21st century practices and resources in order to make your idea a reality. Red Dot Productions has been bringing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to many satisfied clients. Let our team make the experience of a lifetime for you!

Who We Are

More than shaping your online presence through high tech graphics, video and photography, Red Dot Productions produces relevant content and social networking designed to connect to your audience in a real and meaningful way. Our extensive knowledge of growing social media networks will further establish your company on the Internet as well as broaden your clientele. Our successful social media netowork strategies will keep your company name and brand fresh and attractive. We will catapult your website and social netowrking to new heights and open opportunities for you to reach more potential customers.

Red Dot Productions offers social media networking, online writing, photography, web video services, programming, web graphics/design and content development.

What We Do

Red Dot Productions studies what online marketing and communication tools appeal to your customers and applies it to your online social media networking presence and appearance using the highest quality media

Our Expertise

Red Dot Productions employs a team of content developers and social network specialists including creative and technical writers, field journalists, photo and web video journalists, web designers, graphic designers and computer programmers who are subject matter experts in variety of industries and with backgrounds in advertising, marketing, media, public relations, journalism and communications.

Content We Cover

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Our Services


Combining the latest technologies with the most advanced multimedia techniques, RDP can help to develop, create, plan, and produce professional high-quality videography and capture crystal clear photography for any event or brand. Represent your organization in the best light. RDP’s raises the quality of multimedia services to the next level.

Content Development

Need customized written copy for a website, brochure, or any type of media? RDP will brainstorm and write original copy for both texts, photos, and video creation in a comprehensive way and optimize a set of content that will suit any project or campaign.

Web Solutions

Looking to create your ideal company website or branded site? RDP develops websites from start to finish by conceptualizing design, writing content for the site, taking photography, and producing high quality video for content to be published on your next company site. RDP also develops web solutions that suits your company’s needs. Need a web app developed? RDP can create and customize web applications to engage customers and clients to build a community around your brand.

Brand Reps

Professional representation is the first impression customers see when interacting with your business. At RDP we train, schedule, and recruit highly skilled and qualified candidates that will represent your brand in a positive light. Allow RDP to take the stress away from having to manage multiple events on your own. We provide the representation for you, so the burden is no longer yours.

Community Driven Events

One of RDP’s greatest strengths is our ability to develop an idea linked to an event and bring that idea into reality. We handle all the details from planning, coordination, staffing, and execution of an event from start to finish. If you wish to see your event come to life, work with RDP to make that dream event a reality.

Online Marketing for Video Games

As one of the leaders in electronic sports for the state of Hawaii, RDP dominates the gaming space with our staple brands - High School Challenger, Hawaii’s High School eSports Competitive State Competition, eSports Hawaii and the eSports Foundation. We combine our ability to take photography, produce high quality video, promotion strategies, and event production to promote any video game brand to its full capacity to our existing networks garnering devoted fans and brand evangelist.

Our Clients

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